SIG meeting papers

Latest Special Interest Group’s (SIGs) meeting agendas are below.

For any enquiries related to SIG meeting attendance or agenda items, please contact the group convenor direct.

Plenary Session & SIG Meetings Program – IWA Plenary Session & SIG Program – July 2023 (pdf)

Communications – Comms_SIG-Meeting-Agenda_July-2023 (docx)

Corporate GovernanceGovernance-SIG-Meeting-Agenda-13-July-2023 (docx)

Customer ServiceCustomer-SIG-Meeting-Agenda-13-July-2023 (docx)

Energy & GreenhouseEnergy-and-Greenhouse-SIG-Meeting-Updated-Agenda-13-July-2023 (docx)

Executive AssistantsEA-SIG-Agenda-13-July-2023 (docx)

FinanceFinance-SIG-Agenda-July-2023 (docx)

Human Resources HR SIG Meeting Agenda 13 July 2023 (pdf)

Information Technology – IT SIG Meeting – Agenda July 2023 (pdf)

TechnicalTechnical-SIG-AGENDA_IWA_July-2023 (docx)