The Institute of Water Administration Inc. (IWA) has a proud history, commencing life as a group of Water and Sewerage Trust Secretaries in Gippsland getting together in 1967 to share ideas and experiences to improve their individual and collective administrative capability and performance.

During the next couple of decades the IWA became a statewide body and played a leading role in developing skills and networks which helped the industry transform during the 1980’s & early 90’s. By the mid 1990’s the reform of the industry had reduced the number of Water Authorities by about 80%, and the IWA faced significant challenges with membership and attendances.

In 1997, the Institute responded to these challenges by undertaking a strategic planning process, which amongst other things, led to the birth of the Special Interest Groups, which have continued to grow and provide a unique learning and networking platform for the Victorian Water Industry for more than 20 years now.

To ensure that the IWA continues to meet the needs of our members and the wider industry, in late 2016 (our 50th anniversary year), the IWA Board developed a strategic intent of ‘helping the water industry to become more extraordinary’ which now assists in planning future conferences and events. Adoption of this intent also assisted the Board to establish the following ‘Why’ statement based on the Simon Sinek model.

Fast forward to present day, the IWA and its 11 different Special Interest Groups, in collaboration with VicWater and the Victorian Branch of the AWA is going stronger than ever.

Our Vision

To be recognised by the water industry in Victoria as the key forum for sharing information, networking and learning for executive management and business professionals.

Core Purpose

The IWA creates an environment where people can connect, collaborate and develop professionally within Victorian Water Corporations. Through creating forums where people are brought together we are helping the sector adapt to challenges now and in the future, broaden awareness of industry issues to the benefit of customers and the community.

IWA’s platform for delivering our services includes:

  • Regular conferences addressing strategic and contemporary issues of interest to our target audience;
  • Special Interest Groups which focus on a range of business functions within water corporations;
  • Social networking opportunities to promote fellowship and collaboration through Conference Dinners; and
  • Distinguished Service and Professional Development Awards.