The IWA formally acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of its Industry members via the following 3 awards:

The Barry E Leach Prestige Award

The Barry E Leach Prestige Award is awarded occasionally to a person who has given exceptional service to the Institute and the Victorian water industry over a long period of time.

Barry E Leach was a member of the Institute for 18 years, including being President in 1978-1979 and Secretary from 1980-1992.


2016   Peter Quinn
2014   Les McLean
2012   Les Mathieson
2007   Dennis Cavagna
2007   Jim Martin
2007   Neil Brennan
2004   Laurie Gleeson
1998   John Wilkinson
1997   John Maglen

The John Robbins Memorial Award

The John Robbins Memorial Award is awarded to a member of the Institute to recognise their distinguished contribution to the Institute and the Victorian water industry.

John Robbins was a foundation member of the Institute and was President in 1977- 78 and Treasurer from 1979-80 to 1983-84. John was made a life member in 1983.

2020 John Robbins Memorial Award Recipients

David Ryan, now Chief Executive at SA Water
Brett Millington, now Chief Executive Officer of Mildura Regional Development


2020  David Ryan
2020  Brett Millington
2017   Frank McShane
2016   Neil Brennan
2014   Rebekah Foster
2012   Sarah Johnston
2012   Graeme Jolly
2007   Dennis Brockenshire
2006   Peter McManamon
1999   Brian Grogan
1998   Robert Illig
1997   Jim Martin

Laurie Gleeson Professional Development Award

Laurie Gleeson was Managing Director of Goulburn Valley Water for 28 years from 1980 to 2008.

A keen advocate for reform, efficiency and high standards of customer service, Laurie was a Past President and IWA Board Member of the Institute.

In honour of Laurie Gleeson the IWA offers a $5000 grant each year for the winner to undertake a project of their choice.


2020  Apanie Wood

2019   Dean Phillips

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Apanie Woods

Congratulations to Apanie Wood, Melbourne Water’s Program Leader, Regional Services North West who was announced as the 2020 Laurie Gleeson Development Award winner at our November 2019 Conference dinner.

We look forward to hearing of Apanie’s learning’s from her upcoming study tour visiting Washington State Department of Ecology and the Government of British Columbia who are experts in spill prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Apanie will explore innovative approaches and solicit new ideas to share with the broader water industry thus ensuring that agencies are better equiped to provide an appropriate level of pollution response and preparedness whilst continuing to deliver core services to the people of Melbourne.

Apanie’s award winning video submission can be viewed on YouTube here.

Thanks to our sponsors Stantec and Russell Kennedy, Apanie has received a $5000 grant to undertake her planned study tour in 2020.

Drawing on insights from across industries and leading thought leadership, PwC will suggest how these challenges may impact the workforce of Victoria’s Water Corporations and how they may be tackled.