Barry E Leach Prestige Award

The Barry E Leach Prestige Award is awarded occasionally to a person who has given exceptional service to the Institute and the Victorian water industry over a long period of time.

Barry E Leach was a member of the Institute for 18 years, including being President in 1978-1979 and Secretary from 1980-1992. Barry was awarded Life membership for his outstanding contribution to the Institute.

Recipients of the Barry E Leach Prestige to date are:

  • 1997 John Maglen
  • 1998 John Wilkinson
  • 2004 Laurie Gleeson
  • 2007 Neil Brennan
  • 2007 Jim Martin
  • 2007 Dennis Cavagna
  • 2012 Les Mathieson
  • 2014 Les McLean
  • 2016 Peter Quinn


Pictured above: Mr Barry Leach presenting the 2016 award at our conference dinner.

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